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Capelli. Simona Vignali Naturopata Life-style Coach

Capelli. Segui gli articoli e video di Simona Vignali, con studi scientifici che li dimostrano, da 30 anni Life-style Coach, Naturopata esperta di alimentazione.

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Magnesium-deficient diet alters depression- and anxiety-related behavior in mice—influence of desipramine and Hypericum perforatum extract - Neuropharmacology (Nicolas Singewald, Catrin Sinner, Alfred Hetzenauer, Simone B.Sartori, Harald Murck)

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Effects of Oatmeal and Corn Flakes Cereal Breakfasts on Satiety, Gastric Emptying, Glucose, and Appetite-Related Hormones - Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (Geliebter A. - Grillot C.L. - Aviram-Friedman R. - Haq S. - Yahav E. - Hashim S.A.)